One-Step Polish 3in1 ワンステップポリッシュ 3in1 (250ml / 1L)

サイズ: 250ml
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"Medium cut polish, high-gloss finish and sealant in one. The all-rounder in top form. Polishes out 3000 grit sanding marks, reliably removes streaks, swirls and clouding, and provides lasting protection for the high-gloss surface. Shines with ease and speed, making it ideal for the polishing beginner and for the detailing of employee cars and used vehicles. Benefits: One-step polishing process: Polish, finish, sealant Grit 3000 abrasion Fast deep gloss finish Tangibly smoother surface Overpaintable Silicone-free Polishing tool: MEDIUM CUT FOAM PADSOFT CUT FOAM PAD, Microfiber cloth Processing: rotary, orbital "

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