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The latest paint thickness tester MD 666 developed by ETARI GmbH is the newest successor to our models ET 111, ET 111S and MD 07, in which all the best features are combined.

The paint thickness tester MD 666 measures the paint thickness like its predecessors on both iron and aluminum bodies.

Improvements to the previous models:

• The paint thickness tester MD 666 measures faster than all coating thickness gauges developed by us in Stuttgart.

• A louder beep signals completion of the measurement process.

• The self-calibration by clicking on the reset button already allows the accurate measurement of the differences in paint thickness, without having to calibrate the device.

• The automatic calibration of the paint thickness tester simplifies the calibration procedure and is for the more accurate measurement e.g. for expert opinion or to check the accuracy of the device with the standard 102 micron calibration film (which corresponds to the average car paint thickness).

• The rubber protective cover protects the device from dust and shock.

• The hand strap prevents the device from falling down.

• The LED and display illumination makes it possible to work in dark surroundings.

• With the UV light you can check the security features on documents or banknotes.

• Automatic shutdown after 60 seconds to save battery.

* Tip - Since the device turns on automatically when you press the sensor, it is recommended to put the device into the bag with the sensor facing up so that it does not turn on automatically when you carry it.

On the whole, this is our newest and best model of the year 2018.

Scope of delivery:

1 x Thickness Coating Gauge MD 666

2 x Calibrating discs (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous)

1 x Calibration film (with standard thickness 102 micron)

2 x Mignon AAA batteries (battery brand -foil may differ from the product photo) - not included with delivery to foreign countries - third party countries - only to EU-member countries

1 x Carrying bag

1 x Hand Strap

1 x Rubber sleeve


Detectable Substrate Material:

Ferrous metal (iron, steel) and Non-Ferrous metal (copper, aluminium, zinc, bronze, brass, etc.)

Ferrous Thickness Range: 0 to 2000μm, 0 to 80,0mils

Non-Ferrous Thickness Range: 0 to 1000μm, 0 to 40,0mils

Display Resolution: 0.1mils/1μm

Reaction time: 1 Second

Ferrous Accuracy:

±7μm on 0 to 199μm

±(3%+10μm) on 200μm to 1999μm

±0,4mils on 0 to 7,8mils

±(3%+0,4mils) on 7,9mils to 80,0mils

Non-Ferrous Accuracy:

±7μm on 0 to 199μm

±(3%+10μm) on 200μm to 1000μm

±0,4mils on 0 to 7,8mils

±(3%+0,4mils) on 7,9mils to 40mils


Operating Environment -13°F to 122°F (-25°C to 50°C)

Dimensions: 120mm (H) x 40.4mm(W) x 29.2mm(D)

Weight approx. 100g (including batteries)

With the purchase of the MD666 with top price performance ratio, you can secure your car purchase.

Order the paint thickness tester MD 666 directly on the manufacturer's website now in our online shop.

When shipping the device to non-EU countries, the price is reduced by 19% (VAT).

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